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Enhancing Knowledge Workers' Adult Learning Solutions  

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The EKWALS' Project

The current economic crisis is generating a paradigm shift in the European job market. The assumption that Knowledge Workers, irrespective of their education, are immune from unemployment is no longer valid. In such a context, adult learning needs to adjust to better cope with the double challenge of Ageing Knowledge Workers who tend to have lower education and engage in less training than younger workers. Adults vary tremendously in how they acquire knowledge and one single adult learning solution cannot adequately address the diversity of adult learners.The situation is exacerbated by the peculiar needs of the ageing workforce and the need to ensure ‘flexicurity’.

EKWALS is designed to timely respond to the contingencies caused by the current economic downturn. EKWALS bridges the gaps by re-engineering adult learning solutions through the main project deliverables:
  1. A set of algorithms to establish positive correlations among the variables affecting the learning propensity of Aging Knowledge Workers;
  2. MISTRAL (the ICT supported methodology in five languages) to promptly identify the best possible combination of learning solutions for Ageing Knowledge Workers;
  3. A set of three high quality modules in five language-versions to promote employability and entrepreneurship. Once validated, the three modules will be uploaded in the Grundtvig Catalogue.
Initially implemented in five Member States, including two new Member States, EKWALS methodology, tools and modules can be flexibly adapted to all Lifelong Learning activities in various economic sectors, regions and for a wide range of target audience across the European Union. An initial pilot target of more than 850 direct beneficiaries will be involved in the project in its initial phase, while the total outreach of EKWALS is estimated in more than 8,000 people a year asa result of the dissemination and exploitation strategies. The consortium represents a wide range of stakeholders involved in the Lifelong Learning cycle, and with a variety of cultural approaches to the challenge.

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